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 Recently, the Mayor of Summerland dismissed members of the community questioning the state of affairs in the Municipality, as a small group of malcontents.  One must assume the Mayor’s assertion was a brief slip-up and does not indicate disregard of the very fundamental in our parliamentary democracy.  When elected to office politician from municipality to provincial and federal level, is accountable to on and all in the community, and nobody is malcontents.  Unfortunately, sometime politicians ignore of forget this basic standards, or may simply lack the wisdom and courage to invite to debate.  

The underlying problems in Summerland as in so many other municipalities are the lack an Overall Community Planning that is based on prudent socioeconomic and ecological scientific analysis, fact - rather than politics and emotion.  Also the lack of appeal legislation so municipality decision can be appealed to government is a concern.

In Summerland as it seems political decision is taken, position created and people hired, and taxes spends, without prudent analysis and without informing and inviting the community’s involvement.   Imported from Osoyoos, the approach to economic development is to bolster the positive and take credit for the inevitable, a booming real estate and tourism sector which will happen anyways, and doesn’t talk about the underlying social, economic and ecological issue facing Summerland and the rest of Okangan.   While, business that can distribute wealth and generate tax in the community via year round and better paid employment, feel they have no support from Council the administration and economic development.  Instead of fender of critic from concerned people by as it appears attempting to lover theirs reputation in the eyes of the community.  Good leadership of the Mayor and council in Summerland would be to welcome critic and debate with anybody about the future and even with them that may be wrong.  Ultimately, it is the members of the community that that in good democratic order must decide what kind of society they want to become, and in view of that elect Mayor and Council.   The leadership and action of Mayor and Council reflects the moral and ethical value of that community.    




Summerland  August 2005