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About OISD 

  • is about understanding our economic, social and environmental situation and the implications of our actions.
  • is about promoting research education and discussion of sustainable solutions.  
  • is about encouraging the public, politicians, community leaders and those with influence, to do the right thing - for this and future generations.   OISD By-Law

OISD is organizedby members of our society who are concerned about socioeconomic and ecological issues facing society in Canada and the rest of the world.

OISD’s purpose is to identify and address socioeconomic and ecological issues facing society and formulate approaches to solutions, for debate in communities.  Issues that unsolved, cause “market failure” and subsequently social, ecological and political adversity at home and abroad.   As a reference; unsolved market failures in Canada caused adversity in; education, health care, forestry, fisheries, including aboriginal issues.

These are examples where unsolved issues in the “allocation mechanism” were needlessly allowed to escalate into market failure causing social and ecological adversity. 

The private sector failed in its task and government failed to fulfill its role that which is not private sector’s task; that is to monitor the economy, identify, analyze and recognize the issues and intervene before the issues become acute and cause adversity.   

OISD is organized in initiatives approved by OISD’s Board.  Each initiative and research project is managed by a separately formed board, of shorter or longer duration and with its own budget.

This offers private sector individuals and businesses, and government the alternative of supporting OISD in general and/or specific initiatives only.              

People with various expertise and experience and approved by the board, are invited as research fellows and/or sit as Directors of Initiatives, and may work with OISD from Canada or from abroad.

OISD, beside its own initiative, also offers contracted research and analysis to government and private organizations.

OISD Memberships: are organized in an OISD Chartered Membership Association and must be approved by the Board, applications for membership is welcome.  

Financial contributionsare welcome, but must meet OISD’s principles and bylaws and are approved by the Board.   

OISD’s bylaws are posted in the Members Section.

The founding members of OISD have decided that OISD’s purpose, principle and integrity can best and only be achieved and protected under the for-profit legislation (versus non-profit). The reason for this decision is further discussed in an OISD Commentary – “Non-Profit Organization - who benefits?”  

Cheques must be made out to: OISD Inc.  Okanagan Institute for Sustainable Development, P.O. Box 22031, Kelowna, B.C. Canada V1Y 9N9